Keith Ellison – Poster Boy for why Muslims do not qualify for citizenship

Keith Ellison, Sunni Muslim 1st, American citizen 2nd, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Holds filth of Sharia Law superior to U.S. Constitution, Traitor


Why Howard Dean doesn’t support Keith Ellison for DNC chair:

Howard Dean I do not Support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Why I don’t support Keith Ellison for DNC chair:

Always keep in mind that one-third of the Koran teaches deception.  Ellison purports to no longer be a member of the “Nation of Islam” meaning Louis Farrakhan’s organization.  However, in fact, every Muslim is a member of the Nation of Islam which is all of Islam for Islam is, first and foremost, a nation without borders.  Its religion is statism and it has no racial boundaries.  It’s law is Sharia Law which every Muslim holds superior to the U.S. Constitution.  Any Muslim who says otherwise is lying and is allowed to lie under Sharia Law.

So Ellison commences his bid for DNC chairman with a lie.  He claims to no longer be a member of the Nation of Islam, deceptively referring to Farrakhan’s organization, which itself is based on deception meant to confuse the infidel.  Ellison still is first and foremost a member of the Nation of Islam, a nation without borders whose law, Sharia Law, emanates from the Koran; laws which every single Muslim adheres to first, above any other laws; whether national, state, or local.  For the Nation of Islam, Sharia Law is the supreme law of the land in which they live, although they will practice the sacrament of Taqiya and lie, claiming they respect your laws.

That is what Muslim Keith Ellison is doing.  First and foremost Ellison is a Muslim.  First and foremost, his allegiance is to Sharia Law.  And that Sharia Law to which Ellison has sworn allegiance since birth and to which he continues to maintain allegiance is the Supreme Law in his world and he will do anything he can to overthrow the United States Constitution in favor of Sharia Law.

This is not a matter of belief.  This is a matter of fact.  Before you defend Islam as being just like any other religion, find out what it is about.

The Mission of Islam is to
overthrow all other governments
in favor of Sharia Law.

Once you comprehend what that means, then you will know that the intent of each and every Muslim in the United States of America, whether foreigner or citizen [sic], naturalized or natural born, is to overthrow the United States Constitution.  Why?  The Constitution is utterly incompatible with Sharia Law and every Muslim holds Sharia Law superior to every other law.  Of course, they will lie, twist or somehow deceive to claim that somehow this is not so when common sense dictates that is their mission.


I would rather set myself on fire than see Keith Ellison anywhere except in prison for violation of the sedition and treason laws of the United States, 18 USC Chapter 115.  And that’s true for every single Muslim inside the United States.  It is a prejudice that you harbor if you insist on believing that Islam is a harmless religion just like any other religion.  It is then your discrimination based on ignorance that seeks to overthrow the Constitution of the United States.  I am simply revealing the truth to you and that truth is:

Every Muslim in political office seeks to overthrow
the United States Constitution in favor of Sharia Law.

The Afghan ruler Mahmud al-Ghazni invaded India no less than seventeen times between 1001-1026 A.D. Source:

That’s Treason.  There is no rationale excusing it that can be acceptable to a patriot.  If you find those excuses acceptable, then you are not a patriot.  Anyone who finds any reason for overthrowing the United States Constitution acceptable is treasonous scum and if that’s your position, then I mean you.

Get out.  Love it or leave it.  And if you mean to stay and overthrow it, then we will help you leave, one way or another, so help me God.  And by the way, it is one more Muslim lie that their god is my God.  Like hell.  My God is the God of Love.  The god of Islam is a god of lies, murder, and hatred and their biggest lie is to proclaim that theirs is a religion of peace while they threaten to kill you if you disagree.  I spit on the god of Islam for I know Satan when I see him.

Since I have discovered what Islam really is, a roving band of barbarians with a mission to conquer the world into slavery, I am of the opinion that the United States, just like China and Japan, as a matter of self defense, must outlaw Islam inside its borders.  We, the citizens of the United States of America, have borders, and are one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  It is just to evict and ban traitors.

It is just that those who seek to overthrow the Republic of the United States are eliminated.  The Nation of Islam, which is all Muslims, seek to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and its government.  This is an undeniable fact, regardless of what lies any Muslim tells you.  Overthrowing all other governments is the prime directive of Islam!

No Muslim qualifies to even enter the United States on automatic grounds of treason.  All Muslims born inside the United States have two choices.  They can publicly renounce Islam and stay or they can leave.  If they are caught lying and are found engaging in anything to do with Sharia Law, then they get life in prison.  Anything less and we will constantly have traitors among us who have the prime directive of telling us any lie to overthrow the U.S. Constitution.

We know them by their fruits.
The god of Islam is obviously Satan.

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