Daddy’s girls in dirty politics

Chelsea wedding day

Part I: Who is yo’ daddy, Chelsea?

No more radiant is a woman than she looks, feels, and is on her wedding day, especially if she buys into the Princess Code, which it seems every female on the face of this planet is implanted with at birth.

But, what is there to tell about Chelsea?  She is dumber than a box of rocks and she does what mommy tells her to do.  That’s it.

Chelsea was pretty much politically invisible until Roger Stone decided to link her face to one of her mother’s many lovers, Webster Hubbell.  Hillary has yet to complain of defamation with regard to her life on her back, so all is fair game here.

I beg to differ with Roger about the cute bastard’s parentage.  I see things from a very different perspective, especially since I’ve discovered that the unspeakable perversion of incest appears to be something that affects 20% to 25% of our population.  Check it out:


People are rightly horrified by abuse scandals at Penn State and in the Catholic church. But what about children who are molested by their own family members?”

When family members are involved, molestation/rape can be invisible.  Who is the molestee?  Who is the molester?  Is there one?

Here we have the formal Clinton Family Portrait:

clinton family portrait.jpg

OMG!  Does the kid look like the milkman?  Maybe.  Could be.  Hillary has a wild hair up her ass when it comes to sex.  But wait a minute.  Didn’t Mr. Bill say Hillary belongs to a black magic witches coven in Los Angeles?  At least that’s what I heard from Roger Stone.

Yep, that sounds about right.  Maybe all that time Hillary spends on her back is not just plain old fashioned nymphomania, is it?  Maybe, could it be, is it possible, does it have something to do with satanic rituals?  Hmm, and what kind of sex would please old Beezlebub more than any other?  Why incestuous sex, of course!

There is nothing about this guy found in Chelsea’s face:

Where are young bill clinton's features

Bill’s kids look more like this:

See bill clinton in Danny williams clinton

Bill prefers dark meat with lots of hot sauce.  The kid turned out to be a first-class citizen because his black family raised him right.  It had nothing to do with the sperm of Bill Clinton.

Stone contends that Chelsea has had four plastic surgeries to better resemble her parents, but I can’t say that’s the end result at all.  Reduction of the fatness in her lower face has only pronounced more who I believe her really daddy is:

Hillary Chelsea Webster Hubbell chin

Let’s look at the evidence.  Hillary had fat cheeks too as a kid!

Hillary Clinton as a child

See?  I wonder how old she is there, wearing bright lipstick carefully outlined on her lips.  Wasn’t this back in the 1950’s when kids weren’t as sexualized as they are today?

Class leader Hillary Rodham of Wellesley College t  See again?  But she’s in college here.

Now that she’s an old hag, check out the sagging cheeks.

Hillary sagging fat cheeks

Yeah, chipmunk cheeks can be cute as a kid, but they sag when you get old.

Now take a look at these pictures of the Rodham family:

Check out Grandma Dorothy Rodham and her granddaughter, Chelsea.  What a striking resemblance.  Bill, of course, is pulling his dick when he’s not raping someone.

Dorothy Rodham - Chelsea Clinton

And then there is little brother, Hugh:

Hugh Rodham-Chelsea Clinton

Check out the Rodham faces:  Chelsea, Uncle Hugh, Hillary, Grandma Dorothy.

Check out another take of Hugh in the background just to get a better gander of him near Chelsea:

Hugh Rodham-Chelsea Clinton - 2

What da ya think?

Hillary Chelsea Webster Hubbell chin


Or this?

Hugh Rodham chin 2Hillary Chelsea Webster Hubbell chin

Could it be all Hillary’s abortions were not only because they were nasty little boy babies but because they were not pure Rodham babies?

Bill with his hand in his pants.png

Hail Beezlebub, we’ll only know for sure by checking Chelsea’s DNA to find out if it’s pure Rodham.  We can get that off a paper cup!


Part II:  Are BFF Ivanka and Chelsea birds of a feather who flock together?

Daddy's little girl

I recognized her as a daddy’s girl right from the start.  I must wonder if being a daddy’s girl has something to do with incest.  I was a daddy’s girl too.  I come from that unfortunate 25% of America.

For those of you who are not familiar with the workings within an incestuous family, you need to know that family members can go through their entire lives not realizing what is going on.  We’re awakening to the fact that America suffers from a mass delusion.  There is no reason we can’t have subcultural delusions within our society as well.  Check the psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual V.  There is no such thing as normal.

Incestuous families do and say all kinds of things to normalize what only the family knows about and then most of them know nothing on a conscious level.

What concerns me most is, with that kind of power over him,

exactly how much does Ivanka control The Donald?

And even more importantly,

who controls Ivanka?


As far as I can see, Ivanka is dumber than a box of rocks too.  She apparently hasn’t seen any of the aerial videos that confirm 80%-90% of the alleged “refugees” are fighting age men and that mainstream media constantly shows close up pictures only of the very few women and children.  This is in fact subversive activity designed to seditiously overthrow the constitutional government of the United States.  The TV networks are aiding and abetting jihad.  Ivanka is stupid enough to buy the propaganda without shopping around.

Ivanka buys into the edited videos shown to her hook, line and sinker, but don’t think for a minute that she’s actually come into contact with any refugees, let alone researched the tremendous amount of video footage confirming that the close ups of this very small percentage of women and children, none of whom are Christian refugees, all of whom are Muslims on jihad with their kids; kids who are even turned into suicide bombs, praise Allah, Beezlebub rocks!

And then there is another aspect to the flocking-birds theory:

  • We all know Hillary practices black magic although, like a good black witch, she’ll lie about it.


  • Chelsea does what mom tells her to do, so more than likely she stumbles through her own black magic rituals.


  • Something tells me BFF Ivanka must at least dip and dabble in the black arts, even though I tend to believe her father is a staunch Christian. Incest knows no racial, ethnic, or religious boundaries.
BFF Reunion:  Go Tri-Delts, “a perpetual bond of friendship!”

And I can tell you from personal experience, black magic is nothing to mess with, especially if you would never guess who could be using it on you.



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