Hundreds of millions of Native Americans are alive today!


It’s amazing how effective mind control is.  The indigenous people that were found dwelling in North America when Europeans arrived were sometimes peaceful but regularly warred among themselves when they were not trying to kill off the newcomers.  Today, these losers whine that this land was theirs and we stole it.  Oh, gee.  How terrible.  What a bunch of whiners!  Sore losers indeed.  They continue to fight their long lost battle as they refuse to recognize that they are no longer the only Native Americans.  Today, we have Native Americans of all races, religions, and ancestral backgrounds in North America.  Yes, you have been gas lighted!  To‑wit:

1:  native talents
2:  belonging to a particular place by birtha native New Yorker

(Compliments of Merriam-Webster online.)

I was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, which is a part of the United States on the continent of North America.

I am a Native American

Magic is in the Air

No, it’s not magic.
I was born here.

All people born in Canada and Mexico are Native Americans.  And the same thing goes for those born in South America.  My girlfriend from Colombia is a Native American too!  And so are you if you were born in the Americas, regardless of where your ancestors came from.  Of course the mind controllers will attempt to carefully distinguish between a “Native American” and a “Native of America.”  Come on, give me a break.  How stupid do you think I am?  They split a hair to create a new meaning, to create racial division and strife among all Native Americans when the correct definition of the word “native” reveals that everyone born on American soil is a native.  Furthermore, those who claim to be “indigenous” came from Asia.  Fakes!

The ancestors of the alleged “indigenous people”
found by Europeans in North America came from Asia.
The evidence is in their genes.
The reservation dwellers are invaders too.

A careful review of world history since the beginning of time reveals that there is no such thing as “indigenous people.”  All races, all nations, all human beings on the planet have been continuously migrating for one reason or another.  Humans tend to have itchy feet.  We are nomadic by nature.


So Elizabeth Warren has not flipped her headdress after all.  Regardless of whether or not she is descended from Pocahontas.  Elizabeth Warren is, in fact, a Native American.

Now Barak Obama, on the other hand, is not a Native American because he committed the crime of producing a Hawaiian Birth Certificate verified by two independent experts as a bona fide forgery and no explanation exists as to why Honolulu Barry has a Connecticut Social Security number.

Barry Sotero aka Barak Obama was not born.
He was manufactured by the CIA in a Connecticut laboratory.


Artist Shark Toof graffiti of Obama-Frankenstein

Barak Obama is a not a Native American because he can’t even prove he was born.  At best, he can get a tattoo on his ass that reads, “Made in the USA.”

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of the alleged indigenous people of North America who choose to live in concentration camps called reservations endlessly whining about how they have been screwed over.  Suck it up, losers.  Tough cookies.  You lost.  That’s the way the ball bounces.

The people who lived in North America before Europeans showed up were not prepared to stop the invasion, so they lost.

Success is preparation meeting opportunity.

What happened to them was no different than what has happened to all other people since the beginning of time at one time or another.  The winner becomes the new “indigenous” person because anyone born in North America is a Native American.  If Americans were stupid enough to submit to invasion by the borderless nation of Islam, which we are not, then all Muslims born in America would be Native Americans, especially since it is their stated goal to kill anyone who is not a Muslim, which includes the whiners living on reservation concentration camps.  The invading Europeans had better weapons, greater numbers, determination, and apparently they defeated a people that did not own the winning bat and ball.  Much like a game of rock, paper, scissors; scissors beat paper and guns beat arrows.

The only real Indian in America is Dr. Shiva,
who is running for Elizabeth Warren’s Senate seat.
He was born in India before he was naturalized.

Cambridge-based entrepreneur V.A. Siva Ayyadurai has announced his 2018 bid to represent Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate. (Photo courtesy:  Shiva 4 Senate campaign)

Hundreds of millions of Native Americans today are determined not to part with their right to self defense, which can include whatever weapons that are necessary to defend our nation from invasion, most particularly by a nation without borders whose stated mission is to overthrow all other governments.  Over our dead bodies, suckers.  Fortunately, 100 million Americans are proud owners of 300 million guns, particularly thanks to the expert gun salesmanship of Honolulu Barry.

So cut the crap all you people who choose to live in concentration camps when you can easily admit that your people were defeated 150 years ago and the great big strapping, healthy, armed Europeans won and their strong women have given birth to countless new Native Americans.  You can choose to become a natural born citizen of the constitutional Republic of the United States or you can drink yourself into oblivion on the reservation because you refuse to accept the fact that you lost the war.  It’s your choice.  No one is forcing you to live in those miserable conditions.  You can come off the reservation anytime you want.  If you prefer to live an endless drama in order to justify your failure as a people, then that’s your problem.  It’s no one’s fault but your own.  Satisfied with living on the reservation?  Then stop whining.  Grow up and take responsibility for your own life.  Either you enjoy living on the reservation and have nothing to genuinely bitch about or you can get off the reservation and enjoy the good life as a natural born citizen of the USA.  After all, you will still be a Native American.

Ugh!  Princess Big Heap Bullshyt

Don’t like what I’ve said?  Then Sioux me!  The reality is that if there were ever any real indigenous people in America, then the fake indigenous people from Asia slaughtered them.  However, the reality is that there never were any indigenous people in the Americas.  There is only one small piece of land that connects the Americas to Asia and that is the Bering Straight.  The cradle of civilization was in the Mideast and not in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  That’s just a Fake Indian myth.  No telling how many millions of years it took humans to spread across Eurasia/Africa before they finally migrated to the Americas after discovering the tiny Bering Straight and to Australia, obviously by boat, most likely via Asia, but possibly by boat directly from Africa, or maybe mixing with folks in India and even Southeast Asia before paddling over to Australia, which gives the Aborigine people their unique look.

It is pure assumption that there were ever any indigenous people in the Americas and quite likely the same is true with Australia.  It’s time to put an end to Fake News and start spreading the truth instead.  If there were, we would have found their remains.  The only remains found are those of the Fake Indians who migrated from Asia.

Everybody is a migrant, including the Fake Indians of the Black Hills of South Dakota; the Sioux Nation, composed of three tribes; the Lakota, the Dakota, and the Nakota, each of whom is divided into many bands.  They got their creation story wrong.  Their oral tradition failed them.  Somebody changed the story.  They were really created along the banks of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, just like everybody else.  There is only one race and that is the human race.  Fake American Indians are immigrants too!


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