Indict Linda Sarsour for Treason!


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Left: Professed traitor with American flag as a veil of submission to Islam.                                 Right: Muslim woman whose husband threw acid on her face under Sharia Law.                 (Source:
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. 18 USC 2381, et seq.

Sedition is an aspect of treason.  Sedition is Sarsour’s tool.  It’s the hoe’s hoe.  It’s time to call a hoe a hoe.  The claim of “Islamophobia” is an act of sedition.

There’s no such thing as “Islamophobia.”
Islam is not a “religion of peace.”
Allah is Satan.

Reality check:  All Muslims are treasonous, no matter what country they live in, unless it’s already an Islamic caliphate.  To not embrace treason against non-Islamic governments automatically requires the death penalty for a Muslim under Sharia Law, so any Muslim who tells you otherwise is lying, as permitted by Sharia Law.  Linda Sarsour is no different than any other Muslim.  Treason is what Islam is all about, so you can be sure any and every Muslim in your country who had ever taken an oath of allegiance to your government is a liar who lied with impunity because he or she seeks to turn your country into an Islamic caliphate.  This includes Congressmen Andre Carson and Keith Ellison.

Some hoes you need to know about:

  • Islam is a nation without borders.
  • Islam’s stated objective is to overthrow your government.
  • Islam is anathema to all non-Muslims.
  • Religion is statism incidental to the government of Islam.


Before you become offended and defend something you know nothing about, I suggest you find out everything you can about the Koran, Sharia Law, who Allah really is, and the facts of life before you open your mouth.  Only when you know for yourself what Islam really is will you realize that the most insane thing you could do is to defend the Islamic overthrow of the constitutional Republic of the United States and every other God loving country; those who worship the Creator of Heaven and Earth and many of whom who are followers of Jesus Christ.

Allahu Ahkbar does not mean “god is great,” contrary to the lies CNN spreads.  Allahu Ahkbar translates to “my god is greater than your God.”  That’s why CNN producers call you, their audience, “stupid as shyt,” because they know you’ll believe anything they tell you and you will never question it, you will never look elsewhere to see what other information exists on the topic, and you will always operate off the positive suggestion provided to you while in their intentionally induced hypnotic trance, believing the TV as if everything they tell you is the truth.

Overthrowing our civilized way of life and replacing it with utter barbarianism is what Islam is all about.

  • Sharia Law promotes rape, mutilation, and brutalization of women.
  • Sharia Law promotes pedophilia.
  • Sharia Law demands throwing homosexuals off buildings.
  • Sharia Law demands all raped women must be killed as worthless whores.
  • Sharia Law requires removing the outer labia and clitoris of females starting at age six so that the woman does not become hyper sexualized.
  • One-third of the Koran teaches deceit, making all Muslims trained liars, bar none.
  • Allah is Satan. The Koran makes this indisputably clear. 


It is a lie that they worship the same god we do as our God is the God of love and life and it is clear that these demon-possessed Satan worshipers are a death cult consumed with eradicating freedom while defiling anything that is pure and good, most particularly children.

I could go on and on describing this barbarian cult dreamed up by a desert bandit who succeeded in using his demonic philosophy in utterly destroying and overthrowing over the last thousand years what were originally primarily Christian countries in the Mideast.  I am just laying out verifiable facts now, so if you are living under some delusion that Muslims are just like Christians and Sharia Law is just like the Constitution, I suggest you get your ass in gear and start researching all of this yourself because you’ve been lied to and, yes, you’ve been lied to by the talking heads on your television.  Throw that damned thing out.

Linda Sarsour speaks treason.  Her activities are seditious in that her words illegally call for the overthrow of the constitutional Republic of the United States, replacing it with the filth of Sharia Law and the Islamic way of life; pure animal barbarianism.


This Brooklyn born woman calls for jihad against the constitutional Republic of the United States.  She is an in-your-face terrorist who also thinks you are “stupid as shyt,” just like her seditious co‑conspirators at CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS think you are.

Sharia sedition


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