Indict Federal District Judge Derrick Watson for Seditious Conspiracy!

I am a resident of Hawaii and I am filing this form Criminal Complaint that I created to share with you so that you too can file a formal complaint against Hawaii Federal District Judge Derrick Watson asserting blatant, in-your-face sedition.  Any American citizen can do the same and should do the same as it is every American citizen’s duty to stop seditious conspiracies that promote the treason of overthrowing the constitutional government of the United States, which this man’s order [sic] seeks to do.

Complaint Form-1


Complaint Form-2

Pictured here is a form version of my two-page complaint letter that I’m filing against the above-referenced person after his second attempt to overthrow the authority of the President of the United States today.  The U.S. Supreme Court has already established that President Donald J. Trump has absolute authority to ban any persons from entering the United States as a matter of safety for American citizens.  It is unequivocally established that the safety of American citizens is superior to any privilege that may be extended to foreigners with foreign allegiances, especially people from countries the U.S. government destroyed; people who have solid motives to make war against the American people within our own borders.  Such people are invaders.  This man is clearly aiding and abetting such invaders and he must be stopped.  We, the citizens of the United States have the power to stop him.

Watson, of whom I speak of with zero respect because he has given me very good reason to consider him a traitor and not a patriotic citizen of the United States, just spit in the face of all American citizens by claiming he has authority superior to the United States Supreme Court and the President of the United States.  I have no doubt whatsoever Watson is a clear and present danger to the safety and welfare of American citizens as he seeks to grant the privilege of invasion to foreigners who have good reason to make war against American citizens on American soil, including but not limited to the use of any and all forms of weaponry, arson, rioting, and illegally infiltrating government offices.

Traitors are not arrested and indicted until someone files a complaint.

betrayal quote

When everybody decides to let someone else do it first, no complaint is filed.


Those who live in fear have no rights because they refuse to exercise them.

This form two page-complaint letter I am providing to you was written pursuant to DOJ online rules.  I marked the form letter to show where you need to insert your personal information.  You need to put the certified mail number on the letter itself to preclude their inevitable claim that they never received the letter.  Be sure to put your signed green cards and stamped receipts in a safe place because you will need them.  If the post office fails to return a signed green card, contact them and they have a pink signed form they can provide to you.

Re-write the letter anyway you want.  What is important is that you file a complaint against Watson for seditious conspiracy.  Your failure to do so makes you an accomplice to this treasonous crime.  Every American citizen must realize that treason will continue to unfold until you take action to stop it.

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