Sue your out-laws for racketeering when they collude to alienate your child


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When your in-laws become your out-laws through divorce, sometimes they get vicious and seek to poison your child’s mind into believing that by divorcing, you abandoned them, the child. They in fact, teach the child to abandon the parent and it becomes a hate crime. Yep, foul-mouthed mothers-in-law can actually poison the minds of all their children to twist the minds of grandchildren to inflict injury upon the non-blood spouse, whether that spouse is the father or the mother.

Those of such an evil ilk conspire to
not abuse the child’s mind until after the divorce is final.

This tactic leaves the injured spouse with the impression that there is no legal recourse and, how can you prove your case? It is definitely difficult for an injured parent to prove their case against foul-mouthed out-laws because all the foul speech always occurs in front of the children and behind the back of the non-blood parent.

Where they screw up is when
at least one of the damaged parents notices
that this is a practice entered into
after every divorce in the family. 

Putting two and two together, you can show a conspiracy to alienate the child, which is a genuine hate crime that is not free speech protected by the First Amendment. It has no socially redeeming value and is every bit as vile as child porn.

Take for instance a certain family in Fly Over America who first alienates two elementary school age sons from their father. After the divorce, the boys are told Dad is a worthless scumbag that doesn’t love them because if he loved them he would not have abandoned them. The boys are strongly impressed with the idea that Dad did not just divorce Mom. Dad actually left you, boys. Yes, he doesn’t love you. Why would you want to visit someone like that? You know, you don’t have to visit him if you don’t want to. Do you understand that, boys?

And the issue is pushed by foul-mouthed Grandma, foul-mouthed Mom, and foul-mouthed Auntie until the boys finally acquiesce. With repetition over time, it is inevitable that these innocents begin to feel animosity toward their dad and eventually, foul-mouthed Mom, who was trained by foul-mouthed Grandma, is bragging to others about how the boys just don’t want to see their Dad and, well, I can’t make them do it, you know. For cover, foul-mouthed Mom insists that those boys just hate his guts and there is nothing she can do to change that.


Okay, a few years pass and a non-blood relative Mom now divorces a foul-mouthed Son who was spawned by foul-mouthed Grandma. Foul-mouthed Dad warned Mom before the divorce, if she ever leaves him, she will never get to see her daughter again, but Mom can’t believe anyone could do anything that vile, not realizing that she is leaving the man because he is in fact a vile, low-life sort who has no problem with abusing women and of course lies about whatever doesn’t suit his agenda. Mom even put herself on psyche drugs she had no genuine need for; drugs that actually caused dangerous symptoms, as has recently been proven about antidepressants. She put herself on those drugs because the church demanded she climb up on Jesus’ cross and crucify herself. As a result, throughout her entire life with her Mom, the daughter never knew what Mom was really like; without being abused and not on mind-bending drugs.

So the daughter visited the mom and kept in regular communication with her during the pendency of the divorce and even a couple of years after, something that was encouraged by foul-mouthed Dad just to provide plenty of cover for the family’s racketeering.

Then one day, foul-mouthed Dad gives foul-mouthed Grandma the thumbs up and the vile old bat starts telling her granddaughter about what a whore her mother is, and that she’s insane, and that she did not just divorce Dad, but that she discarded her own child into the gutter. Although over the years Mom continued to try to get her daughter to visit and communicate with her, her efforts are fruitless. She knows forcing the child by court order would only produce greater animosity, so what can she do? She tried one Mother’s Day to demand having dinner with her daughter at a restaurant, a visit accompanied by Dad, but any efforts by Mom to communicate with her daughter are fruitless. She is faced with a sullen, silent child who only expresses hatred with her eyes. So Mom retreats in anguish unable to figure out what else she could do to change the situation.

When the daughter graduated high school, Mom couldn’t even get her daughter to provide an invitation to the graduation exercise. But being a person who never gives up, she called the school principal, told him about the dilemma, and he provided Mom with an invitation to graduation.

Unfortunately, Mom never got to see her daughter again. She only saw her on stage at a distance. The daughter and a friend were the last two to leave the graduation stage. As the door closed behind her daughter, Mom felt blood dripping from her left nostril. Ten years passed and the periodic bleeding grew a tumor that turned out to be nasal-sinus cavity cancer. Yes, cancer can have emotional roots.


And so the years pass and the baby brother of the out-law family is divorced by his wife, most likely for the same kind of abuse perpetrated by the older brother on his wife. After all, it was Grandpa abusing Grandma that taught those two men how to treat their wives. Yes, domestic violence, both physical and psychological, is socially hereditary. And so baby brother out-law, even though he was an alleged “servant of God” and pontificates regularly to a congregation about the only thing that’s important is “Jesus Christ and Love,” he too poisoned the mind of his son against the non-blood wife.

It’s all about blood.
The parent who does not share the blood of the foul-mouthed family
is destroyed in the eyes of the child.
It’s a socially hereditary disease.

Foul-mouthed Grandma was the good girl who gave up her dignity and self respect by endlessly suffering abuse because she was not going to divorce, not matter what. No, sir. In her mind, she did the right thing.

However, the accumulation of abuse in her life poisoned her spirit so much so, that she demonically perpetuated the abuse that she suffered with her vile mouth by poisoning the minds of all her children so that they would poison the minds of all of their children. If your spouse should ever divorce you, she would tell each of them, then you must make sure they never see their children again. And she taught each one of her foul-mouthed children how to go about committing the crime. As all her children shared her demonic spirit, they sucked up all her vileness and they all secretly kissed Beelzebub’s ring.

This is where the racketeering comes in. You see, the legal definition of racketeering does not necessarily involve some sort of money crime like a Ponzi Scheme or money laundering:

Definition of Racketeering [1]


1.           The practice of engaging in a “racket,” in which the organization extorts others, or otherwise creates problems, for the purpose of solving those problems for a fee or other benefit.

These foul-mouthed out-laws poisoned the children’s minds against the non-blood spouse for the purpose of deriving Satanic pleasure from killing the child’s love for that non-blood parent. That’s a crime against humanity and a mortal sin in the eyes of God and fortunately, there is a remedy for this crime. It’s called civil asset forfeiture.

The corrupt federal government makes criminal use of 18 USC § 981, the civil asset forfeiture law, by simply stealing the property of private citizens without due process of law. They assume the property itself was involved in a crime and without charging the property owner of a crime, they simply confiscate it, along with all their money making it practically impossible for the victim to sue the government for its crime against them.

However, in the case of racketeering by foul-mouthed out-laws who have alienated your child against you, through properly exercising your right to due process, you can legally make use of the civil asset forfeiture law. Upon conviction, you can seize all their assets and abstract a judgment against each piece of real estate they own to cloud the title so they cannot sell it without satisfying the judgment.

But isn’t there a statute of limitations, you ask?

Yes, there is. And that is why the vile out-laws patiently wait until the divorce is final and a little time has passed before they destroy your child’s mind in order to drive a spike through your heart.

HOWEVER, there is the defense of
that can toll the statute of limitations.

Gee, the Dad of the two boys born to foul-mouthed Mom and the Mom of the son born to the foul-mouthed alleged “servant of God” baby brother out-law were clueless as to what happened. They had no idea why their children suddenly hated them and abandoned them. That’s a “disability” is in the eyes of the law. They were unaware of the tortuous interference that was perpetrated against them.

However, the Mom of the poisoned daughter was not so unaware. She had been an eavesdropper and an observer all her life. She would remain quiet, making herself invisible, so that she could take in what people around her were doing and saying. In fact, she was witness to foul-mouthed Grandma, the foul-mouthed Mom of the two boys, and the foul-mouth Auntie of these boys poisoning the boys’ minds beyond belief. The poor kids were being drilled over and over with reasons to hate their father! But the Mom of the poisoned daughter shut her mouth because her marriage was still young and she had no expectation of ever divorcing.

And then one day her precious baby was taken from her. Mom had to divorce foul-mouthed Dad because the abuse was unrelenting, despite all her efforts to save the marriage single handedly. When her precious baby daughter turned 13, Mom suddenly found out that her daughter had died, but while her body was still warm, a demonic spirit from hell occupied the body of her child and pretended to be that daughter. But the mother knew that woman was not her child anymore.

And so the years went by and Mom would search the Internet regularly for information about her daughter because her daughter never replied to her emails and she knew it was futile to try to visit. Slowly she acquired information that her daughter was very active in her sorority in college and even chose college administration as her career because of it. Then she found information that her daughter got a job at a college in Fly Over America after getting her Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a cockamamie major created by Communist professors so they too have a platform to poison children’s minds against the Republic of the United States of America, which is an act of sedition. And so, to add insult to injury, the daughter was turned into a brainless, seditious communist who thinks Americans need to support every poor dumb ass in the world to the point where we are all poor dumb asses who can’t support anybody.

But then one day Mom saw an engagement announcement on a site called The Knot. Her daughter was marrying a schlemiel; some Jewish asshole who is about as much of a Jew as her demon-possessed daughter is a Christian.

That’s when Mom decided to invoke the 5th Commandment:

Exodus 20:12New International Version (NIV)

12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

But it was to no avail. The daughter remained non-responsive. The future schlemiel-in-law was already pussy whipped and so he ignored Mom’s attempts to talk some sense into him. Mom tried to explain to him that if her now foul-mouthed daughter should ever decide to divorce him, then he will never see his children again. But as a true schlemiel, he did not believe Mom and ignored her.

So Mom looked up the schlemiel’s parents and tried to get them to intervene. After all they claim to be religious Jews, right? Or is this another family like the foul-mouthed out-laws that has a relationship with the church or synagogue only twice in their life: when they get married and when they die. How pathetic. The schlemiel in-laws-to-be also ignored her.

So Mom doggedly found a rabbi near the future-in-laws’ home, stated the case of objecting to the wedding on the grounds of Exodus 20:12, and hoped the rabbi would at least contact the rabbi scheduled to marry the two schmucks and hold an intervention. The rabbi unfortunately was not the “servant of God” she claimed to be either and she too ignored Mom.

Well, there was only one thing left to do. Mom decided she had become “disabled” as tolling the statute of limitations requires.

Mom would never get to see her grandchildren because the demon-possessed body that was once her daughter would most definitely poison the minds of her own children with assistance from the foul-mouthed Aunties and Uncles.

At this point, foul-mouthed Grandma was pushing up daisies alongside Grandpa, so the only recourse Mom could have at this point with regard to foul-mouthed Grandma was to visit the cemetery one day with a bottle of her own urine to pour on the grave. She would probably have been arrested for providing the gift fresh at the cemetery.

That’s when the demon-possessed daughter’s Mom suddenly realized that she had grounds to team up with the violated Dad and the other violated Mom and all three could toll the statute of limitations by claiming “disability” under the tolling law.

They are all disabled from ever seeing their grandchildren!

images (1)

So let’s see. The first generation child-mind poisoner is pushing up daisies and can only have her grave periodically watered with a gift. But the second generation of child-mind poisoners can most certainly be sued for child alienation and racketeering.

And then there is the situation of the two boys who are now grown and are fathers themselves. Their violated Dad never got to see his grandchildren. The two boys are now part of the racket as well.

So the third generation needs to be sued along with the second generation in order for the violated non-blood parents to be able to see their grandchildren or they will remain “disabled” under the law. That means not only suing the entire second generation (save one Uncle who was smart enough to remain single and never participate in all this crap), but also the two boys who already have kids of their own, and also suing the demon-possessed daughter and the son from the marriage of the other violated Mom to the fake “servant of God.” Even though they don’t have children of their own yet it’s a given that those demon-possessed members of the third generation will most certainly deny the violated parents access to the fourth generation.

So don’t get mad. Just get even. Put an end to multigenerational child abuse; the poisoning of children’s hearts, minds, and souls. Get a court order demanding rights to your grandchildren, even though you lost out on the timeframe in which you could have restored your rights to your children. Sue the whole lot of them for child alienation and racketeering.

Alternatively, you can get your poisoned demon-possessed child to sign a settlement agreement in which they agree to have a civil, congenial relationship with you and in which they assure you of complete access to your grandchildren if you drop the suit against them individually, with a right to re-file same if they lied.

As for the suit against the second generation, that must go to trial. There is no other recourse. There is only one thing that you can do with a mad dog and that is to put it down. There is no better way to put down alleged pillars of the community than to publicly disgrace them and to take everything they own away from them.





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