A pledge of no allegiance

Those who currently invade our country seek to overthrow its sovereign government and to enslave its Citizens into serving them.  They pledge no allegiance to our flag or to the Republic for which it stands.  They are nothing but trespassers, thieves, criminals, and any claims they make of being good people that we should help… Continue reading A pledge of no allegiance

Fake News brought to you by The Washington Post

The article in this link by Craig Timberg of The Washington Post is the most expert piece of propaganda completely undetectable to the naked eye of a moron, which is obviously their target market: Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say Did you know writing headlines is a separate topic discussed… Continue reading Fake News brought to you by The Washington Post

Maybe my mother really was a tartar!

All my life, the most succinct description I could provide of my mother was to say, she was a real tartar.  I had no idea until I began my research of Polish attitudes about Muslims that Muslim tartars are, in fact, a wholly integrated part of Polish society, having settled in Poland in the 15th… Continue reading Maybe my mother really was a tartar!